Tabletop still life of various stuff

I was looking through some book I brought home from the library and it was getting sort of late in the day.  I realized that I hadn’t done my daily drawing yet because I had been running around a lot.  I saw a still life drawing that was very similar to what is seen here.  I’m not crazy about the way this came out.  I sort of hurried it up and messed the shading up, but it is drawn and published.

still life table top sketch

Still life sketching practice

Today’s Thoughts

Today’s I wanted to explain why I take the time to write a thought for the day with each of my daily drawings.  I write these to encourage visitors who might feel like they want to learn how to draw, but who lack confidence.  I also write these to remind myself of important ideas I’ve struggled to remember throughout my own life.  If I don’t make a conscious effort to move in a positive direction, I know that I’ve had a history of coming to a standstill.  I don’t want to do that ever again and I would suggest to anyone reading this that sitting still too long can be a dangerous trap.  When you stop pushing yourself to move forward in some positive way, you can find yourself wallowing in a swamp of self pity.  No one really wants to do that.

As much as I enjoy making these posts now, I know that it took a lot of effort for me to actually put myself into action and get this site built.  I know that my images are not always inspiring, but maybe if I give us both a little bit of a pep talk with every drawing, we’ll keep on moving forward together.

What did you draw today?  Need some ideas for what to draw?

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