Sketch of a castle using two point perspective

Here is a sketch of a castle, or something like it.  Maybe it’s a fortress, I’m not really sure.  I was mostly practicing keeping things in some kind of perspective with this drawing.  I used a ruler to create some guideline that went off to the two vanishing points.

3d drawing of a castle

A castle drawing in pencil

Here is a great little tutorial I found about two point perspective.  There are a lot of very creative people who put up videos on Youtube.  If you are interested in learning something new, you shouldn’t overlook that site as a resource.  Yes, there are a lot of really stupid things posted there, and yes, sometimes the comments read like a middle school cafeteria conversation, but there is a ton of useful information there too.  Especially for someone who is looking for information about how to draw or take on some other creative endeavor.  Just don’t let yourself get distracted by watching cat videos or several hours worth of footage of people doing stupid things to themselves!

Basic 2 Point Perspective Tutorial

Check out her channel.

Getting Creative in Your Life (A thought for the day)

Do you have any creative energy? A lot of people say that they don’t have a creative bone in their body, but the truth is, most of us spend a ton of creative energy in the form of worry. Think of the question in that form. Do you spend time worrying? Your answer now is probably yes.

What if you put the energy from your worry into imagining something positive in your life? What if you used that energy to not only imagine good scenarios, but to actually take steps every day toward reaching some positive outcome?

Do you put your energy into solving problems or imagining the worst possible outcomes? Which approach seems to make more sense? Put that creative energy into something that can make a better life for you and move you toward your goals.

Check out some more fun things to draw if you feel like doing some sketching of your own!

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