A silly shark drawing in pencil

A silly shark cartoon drawing

Some of the drawings I’ve made are based on things I’ve seen in books or in online tutorials.  They are my own versions of those images (I drew them) but the inspiration came from something I saw or followed along with as a guide.  This drawing of a shark is one such example.  At some point soon, I’ll make a post that includes recommended books that were helpful to me.  The book that helped me to create three dimensional drawings like this shark will certainly be included in my review.  I liked the cartoon feel of this shark.  A lot of what I’ve been practicing drawing and sketching is basically just a copy of what I see around me in real life.  This is definitely a made up shark.

shark cartoon sketch

A silly shark drawing

Finding inspiration in others

If you read any of my early posts, then you probably understand that I don’t really see myself as an artists.  Some people probably think that I don’t even have any business making a site like this because my drawings are not anything special.  I am posting the drawings I am making though because I hope they will inspire some other person who is convinced that they can’t draw.  I spent a lot of years looking at how well other people could draw and I let that intimidate me.  I have never been anyone’s special talented student.  I just decided that I wanted to actually do my best to get decent at drawing because I really liked doing it as a kid.  That was back before I ever listened to anyone who told me that I wasn’t as good as some other person (why do people do that anyway?).

Now that I’m older, I’m doing my best to look at the work of others with appreciation and to find inspiration in what they do.  I realize now that they probably put in a LOT of time practicing and learning.  I no longer believe that a small handful of humans are designated at birth as artists.  Find inspiration in the beautiful works that others create.  Instead of feeling envy or jealousy, understand that they put in time learning their skill, and let them inspire you to push yourself to try new things and test your own limits.

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