Quick sketch of an eye

Here is a quick sketch of an eye.  I did put some shadow around the sphere of the eyeball, but I don’t think I did a very good job on the eyelashes.  The highlight reflection is there, but not amazing or anything.  I know that my drawings are far from perfect, but I hope to see improvement.  I’m going to keep committed to my idea of drawing every single day.

drawing of an eyeball

A quick sketch of an eye

Some thoughts for the day…

How much do you want to improve yourself or reach your goals?  I have a goal of learning how to draw.  Yoda was right. Don’t just try to do things. Make the commitment to actually do them. When you are trying to do something (like learning to draw) there is always a convenient out at hand as soon as you hit the first bumps in the road. You were never really serious about achieving your goal. When a friend says that they will “try” to stop by at some social function, do you really expect to see them showing up? Probably not. When you say you will try to learn something new or achieve some goal, you are giving yourself the same kind of weak, wishy-washy semi-promise. What do you gain from lying to yourself like that?

I realize that my goal has to become more specific.  How well do I want to be able to draw?  To be honest, I don’t the answer to that question right now.  This all started out with my just wanting to get control of my arm and hand back with anything better than that being gravy.  Now that I’ve been practicing, I’m kind of getting into it and I’d like to see how good I can get if I keep on practicing.

What kinds of goals do you have?


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