A quick sketch of a boat on the water

This is one of those little sketches that sort of “appeared” as I was just practicing making lines on the paper.  It started to look like a boat, and then I started playing around with making it look like there were little waves of water around the front.  Nothing too special, but I’m keeping up with my daily drawing practice.

sketch of a boat

Just a quick boat sketch

Thoughts for today …

One of those “talking to myself” days to keep moving in a positive direction.

We all know what we can do to get by and where the extra effort starts. It isn’t anything we normally discuss with the people around us, but you know when you’ve gone above and beyond.

Don’t settle for doing just enough. Even if you can find other people who tell you that you’re right and what you’ve done is enough, don’t go along with that unless you honestly believe it yourself. You will have to live with that choice. You are the one who has to be comfortable with your decision to do just enough.

When you reach a goal, don’t stop. Enjoy your accomplishment and celebrate, but then look for the next worthwhile goal to keep you moving forward. The ability to keep moving forward is a reward, not a punishment. Test yourself to see how much you can accomplish and how high you can reach.

It’s important too to take time to recognize how much you have already achieved in your life.  Appreciating your accomplishments isn’t bragging.  Take quiet pride in what you have achieved and then push yourself to do even more if you enjoy the path you are on.  You can also use what you have learned and achieved to help others who are on a similar path.  You may even find that bringing someone along with you helps you to reach even higher goals.


More fun ideas about things to draw for fun.

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