Practice sketch of a tree number 1

I figured I’d try to draw a tree.  I like to sit outside when the weather is nice and I spend a lot of time just silently watching the trees blowing around during the summer months.  This is a tree that I found in a nearby park.  It was close to a pond that had ducks and geese swimming around in it, but I thought I’d stick with just drawing the tree today.

drawing of a tree

A sketch of a nearby tree.

Today’s Happy Thought …

One of the things I like about drawing is that it can help me to calm down and change how I’m feeling when things start to bother me.  For me, even making a quick sketch can help me to refocus myself and break me out of a cycle of being grumpy or stressed out.  Dare I say it, drawing can even help me to reach a state of happiness in a hurry.  I don’t think it’s actually the act of drawing that magically makes me happy.  I think that drawing helps me to get refocused and make better choices about how I’m moving through my day.

Where do you go to find happiness? Do you know anyone who has found it? Where was it? I think that we all realize on some level that happiness isn’t something to be found “out there” in the world. It is found within each of us. That is a simple truth, but it can be terrifying to some people because they don’t want to take the responsibility for their own happiness.

There are people in the poorest countries who know happiness. You’ve got to decide to be happy first. You cannot wait for someone to deliver a bucket of happiness to you. You have to simply choose to be happy and not put conditions on it. When you are happy, you may also find that it magically changes the people who surround you as well. Even if I’m wrong, what have you got to lose by being happy today? Give it a shot and then draw a picture that shows how you feel.


What did you draw today?  Here are some ideas to get you sketching.

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