A practice drawing of a hand and a screwdriver

Drawing a hand that looks anything like realistic can be a real challenge.  This is a practice run showing a hand holding a screwdriver and a screw.

hand sketch

practice drawing of a hand

Thought for the day

Even though a task you want to take on might be daunting, your capabilities and your willingness to learn can be enough to get you through. For some reason, many of us forget this as we grow into adults.  If I ask you if you can draw or learn how to draw, what is your answer?  What would your 5 year old self have answered?  What changed since then?

Our mature minds overthink things a lot. Maybe it’s just that we don’t consider how difficult things are when we are little. We don’t talk ourselves out of learning to walk or talk. We just keep on trying again and again. If people giggle at us when we fall or misprounounce a word, we don’t even acknowledge it. We just keep on plugging. Now, we don’t even remember what those people around us said or did. We just know that we can walk and talk with the best of them.

How often do you let other people affect the course of your life? When you stop trying to do or learn something because of what another person has said or done, you have handed over the controls of your life to them. Even a baby knows that won’t work.  It is important to pay attention to others sometimes.  When it comes to people who would shoot you down or crush your dreams though, it is just as important to take what they say with a grain of salt and carry on toward your goal.  Don’t ever give your power away to someone else.

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