A pencil sketch of some pretzels

Here we have a pencil sketch of some little heart shaped mini-pretzels that were sitting on the table next to me one evening.  A fascinating subject for my daily sketch, huh?  Seriously though, for some reason, I had the hardest time “seeing” the contours of these pretzels.  I think I threw away three sheets of paper as I was trying to draw them because I was erasing so much.  I’m pretty proud of myself for finishing with something that resembles a drawing of pretzels.  I think I spent close to two hours on this.  It was like a mental block that seriously would not let me get the information from my eyes, to my brain, and then to my hand.  It reminded me of the time I first experienced aphasia and couldn’t get the words I wanted to come out of my mouth.  Eventually I got what you see here.  Probably not the best pretzel drawing you’ve ever seen, but I think it gets the message across.

pretzel sketch for practice

A pencil sketch of some pretzels that were sitting near me on the table.

Pondering my pretzel drawing …

Do you ever find that you are being mopey and dragging yourself through a day full of misery? I know I’ve done a lot of that over the years. That’s a real waste of time.

How we decide to approach the day can make all of the difference in the world. If you go into your day expecting to find woe and misery, actively looking for it, you will most likely find it. If you embrace feelings of frustration, you can be pretty sure that those feelings will continue.

On the other hand, you could choose to look for reasons to be joyful. For example, I was getting seriously ticked off at the handful of pretzels you see here. I wanted to throw them into the garbage and walk away. Instead, I walked away from them for a few minutes and came back with a better attitude (a couple of times actually). They aren’t perfect, but they’re done. I think I’ll actually revisit my pretzel drawing project again at some point in the future just to see how the sketching goes on a different day.

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