Pencil sketch of a girl 1

This is a pencil sketch of a girl that I drew.  I wasn’t really using anyone as a reference.  I sketched this while I was sitting in front of the television.  I’m calling this post pencil sketch of a girl 1 because I figure I’ll probably have other female sketches to post at some point.

drawing of a girl in pencil

a sketch of a girl

Thoughts for today…

Life can be frustrating at times. I’m not sure how we all got the idea that we deserve everything we want at the moment we think of it, but that definitely seems to be a common theme nowadays.  After I had my stroke, it was very frustrating to suddenly not have control over my dominant arm and hand.  I consider myself very fortunate to have only lost that amount of motor control, I know that many people who suffer a stroke find themselves much worse off.  Still, I was making myself a little bit crazy expecting to get full use back right away.

If you don’t get results that you are happy with on your first, second, or third try, don’t just quit. You won’t get the results your desire on the first try a LOT of the time. Do you remember the lesson of “try, try again” from your childhood? That lesson doesn’t go away when we become adults. For some reason though, many of us think that if we aren’t good at something (like drawing) immediately, we never have any hope of mastering that skill.

We need to focus on being persistent and patient. Persistent enough to keep on trying and patient enough to learn from each time we try so that we get a little bit better each time we put forth some effort. I believe that persistence is a key to progress, that’s why I’m challenging myself to keep on drawing every day.

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