My living room lamp sketch

Sometimes I end up sketching whatever is in front of me.  I guess that actually happens a lot when it comes to my daily sketches.  I know that these aren’t really great art, but the idea is to practice drawing and to get better at controlling what my hand is doing.  Getting the hand/eye coordination down is pretty important when it comes to making marks on paper.  This is a drawing of a lamp in my living room.  I hope you enjoy it!

daily drawing practice

A pencil sketch of my living room lamp.

Today’s thought for the day…

Practice looking for a way to make something negative into something positive.  Think lemons into lemonade.

Find a positive response when life throws a challenge at you. Look for examples in the world around you where someone recognized a problem and then turned it into an opportunity. Just doing that can help you to shift your mind’s focus to a more positive approach to life.

We all face challenges in life. The difference is how we choose to deal with them. If you spend time looking for ways to make problems into opportunities, you might find that the next time life throws you a curve, you will be ready to adjust and kick yourself into a more creative mindset.  If you are reading this and shaking your head because it seems silly to you, just ask yourself how negatively focused you really are and what it has earned you in your life so far.  There are people in the world who face tremendous challenges every day.  Would you tell them all to give up and quit?  Is that what you would want a loved one to do?  What are you going to do for yourself then?

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