Having fun with some bubbles

This is a super quick sketch of some bubbles that were sitting on an end table while I was sitting and looking around for something interesting to draw.  Drawing actual soap bubbles and making them look good will be a lot more challenging than this, but my string of drawing every day is still unbroken.  It has gotten so that I don’t sit down without a pencil (or pen) and a sketchbook anymore.  I started out just trying to regain control over my unruly hand and arm, but now I’ve found that sketching and drawing has a genuine soothing effect on me.  Anyway, here are the silly bubbles I sketched today.

soap bubble sketch

A sketch of soap bubbles

What other people think

Today I drew a little bottle of bubbles.  I’ve got them around the house because we’ve got kids.  The truth is though, even though I’m a grown up, I still like bubbles.  While I was drawing this bottle, I was thinking that it would be fun to get one of those giant bubble kits at the dollar store the next time I go out.  I can do that and then make bubbles with my son and no one will even give me a second glance.  If I go out and play bubbles by myself though, the neighbors might look at me like I’m kind of strange.  Why?

Honestly, I can safely say that getting strange looks from the neighbors wouldn’t bother me any more.  I don’t know if it is because I’m getting older or because of recent life experiences, but I’m realizing more and more that there is a great freedom in not giving too much weight to the opinions of others.  I think that is a terrible habit that we all pick up somewhere around middle or high school.  That is probably part of the reason why so many people give up on art during their adolescent years.

What would you really like to do today if you had no worries about what other people would think or say?  I won’t tell you to go do that thing.  That is your choice, but why not at least draw a picture of it today?

Get some more ideas about things you can draw for fun.

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