Gallery collection post 1

I realize that some people might not really want to scroll through actual blog posts, so here is my first attempt at putting together a small gallery of the pencil sketches I’ve posted so far.  I’m trying to keep things simple here, but feel free to make any constructive suggestions.  The first ones shown are the ones I did before I actually started paying attention to details and trying to find some clues about how to draw things.  These are all after I started to regain control of my hand and arm.  I didn’t save the scribbled messes I was creating at that point.  I realize now that I should have as a reference, but at that point, I was frustrated a lot and didn’t necessarily want to look at the mess I was making.  They ended up going into the garbage.  Not one of my prouder moments.  When you are done here, be sure to head back to the site’s home page for more ideas about fun things to draw!

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