Drawing of a generic remote control

I was clicking around through StumbleUpon one day recently and came across a photography site that focused on surreal images.  I liked the way that the photographer combined very incongruent images together into dreamlike images.  Later that day I was looking for something to sketch on my desk.  A remote control caught my eye.  I just wanted to practice drawing the contours, so when I got to the buttons, I started thinking about how fun it might be if you could design a remote control for anything you wanted.  I ended up just leaving this sketch with a blank lower portion.  What would you put in the place where the buttons usually go?

fun things to draw

Remote control drawing

Thought for the day

It is really easy, if you aren’t careful, to allow yourself to get caught up in the small parts of the day you might be dreading.  For example, maybe you know that you’ll have to be with some person or another for the duration of a 20 minute meeting, you allow your dread of that event to influence how you feel and act for half of the day.  I caught myself doing this this morning.  Don’t let that relatively short encounter ruin all of the other potentially positive interactions you might have during the day.  Also, if you are going to be thinking about this meeting anyway, why not spend some energy thinking about how you could make the encounter more of a positive than a negative.  When you worry, you are really just using your imagination in a negative way.

Need ideas?  More fun things to draw!

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