Daily drawing practice sketch of a girl 2

I know that drawing people’s faces is something that I really need to work on if I am going to get anywhere near realistic drawing.  All I can do is keep on practicing and looking around for tips.  It’s a little bit frustrating, and I think one of the things I have to do is take on one of these portraits as a multi-day challenge.  I usually try to get all of these daily drawings done in one sitting with maybe just a break or two to stretch my legs or let the dogs outside.  Most of these are done in a relatively short time, but I think portraits might require a bit more patience.  The daily drawing challenge continues though.

sketch of a girl

daily drawing practice girl sketch

Some Sketch Journaling Today from Inside My Head

OK.  This has nothing to do with the drawing I’ve posted above, but today I was thinking about the neurologist who was assigned to me when I was in the hospital after my stroke.  He was a jerk.  I decided to look up his name and wasn’t too surprised to find MANY MANY stories similar to mine.  These reviews described a man who was dismissive and rude to his patients and their families on a very regular basis.  Honestly, reading the reviews made my stomach clench and started to get me really riled up.  I shared the reviews I found with my wife.  She wasn’t surprised by what I found because she has heard me talking about this man off and on for months.

Then it hit me that I was giving him way more of my energy than he deserves.  I could be focusing that energy on something positive in my life.  I could be doing something productive.  I could set myself free of this man at any time if I choose to do so.  How many other things do we hold on to like this for no good reason.  I realized that beyond warning other people about this man, I have no reason to ever give him a second thought ever again.  There is something very liberating in that thought.  All I have to do is decide to forgive him for being a jerk and then let him go.  Alright then.  I’ll give that a shot.  Then I’ll draw something.

Get more ideas about things to sketch and draw.

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