Here is a cute little pug drawing

One of my daughters really likes dogs.  One of her favorite breeds is the pug.  Obviously, that was the inspiration for this drawing.

Drawing of a pug

A pug picture

My thought for the day

I’ve been thinking a lot about how many of us never end up following the passions we had when we were young.  It’s an old story, but it is still kind of sad.  Instead of following what our hearts are telling us to do, we listen to the advice of well meaning grown ups and spend the rest of our lives doing something for which we have absolutely no enthusiasm.

There are some self help guru types who would tell people in this situation to walk away from whatever they are doing and follow that dream.  I can’t say that they are wrong, but I can speak for the other side of the argument that resists throwing everything away without some idea of how the bills will get paid.  I’m living here in the middle.  I honestly would be terrified to walk away from an established job as an adult with responsibilities.  Personally, I’d love to be able to grow a website into something that makes enough money to pay the bills, we’ll have to see how that goes though.

Where are you on the “follow your passion” scale?  Do you do what you enjoy for a living?  Do you think that you are too old or young for it to matter?  Please leave a comment and share your views.

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