Captain America’s shield pencil sketch

My kids have gotten me into watching all of these Marvel comics movies that have been coming out over the past couple of years.  One of my daughters has been into these movies for a while now.  In fact, she even has a wall sticker that looks like this pencil drawing, but in full Marvel color.  That was my inspiration for making this daily drawing practice sketch.  She is definitely Team Cap.


Captain America shield pencil sketch

You CAN learn how to draw (a thought for today)

What can you do?

How many times have you told yourself and others that you can’t do something? For the purposes of this blog, let’s just stick with drawing. Have you ever told someone that you can’t draw? What proof do you have for that statement?

Now before you bust out piece of scratch paper with scribbles on it, consider how much time you have actually put into getting better at that (or any) skill. How many hours have you spent practicing making lines on paper? How much time have you devoted to studying some object and then drawing what you studied on to a paper?

For some reason, a lot of people have become convinced that there are some people in this world who were born with the ability to draw what they see. Everyone else just can’t do it. Have you ever considered that some people LIKE DRAWING and practice it a LOT from the time they are little? They probably also heard encouraging words from the people around them who saw them drawing all of the time, so they kept on practicing and getting better over time.

It’s easy to think that other people just have a “talent” for drawing and then give up on yourself. Drawing is a skill, just like making letters, reading, riding a bike, or speaking a language. You probably mastered some of those skills, but I’ll bet it took some time and practice. I’d even guess that you got better at those skills as you did them more. Now let me ask you again, how many hours have you actually devoted to learning how to draw? I believe that you CAN do it. Give it an honest try!

Looking for more ideas about what to draw?

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