Fun Things to Draw and Sketch

Welcome to Fun Things to Draw.  My name is Mike and I decided to start this site after having a stroke earlier this year.  Drawing has worked as a kind of therapy for me.  It has helped me to regain control of my suddenly unruly right hand, and it has also done wonders for helping me to focus and de-stress in a healthy way.

A List of Fun Things to Draw

If you would like to check out some of the drawings I’ve been making on a daily basis, please check out my galleries that I’m putting together.  Here are some fun ideas for things to draw.  It is sort of a brainstorming list to help you get creative when that blank sheet of paper is taunting and haunting you.

From time to time, I may also include links to drawing related items I like, wish for,  or recommend.  If you follow those links and end up making a purchase, I could make a small commission, but that won’t affect the price you pay.  I’m just letting you know in the interest of full disclosure and to stay within FTC guidelines.  I pretty much ask for mostly drawing materials now for anything like birthday or Christmas presents, so I’m slowly building up a small collection of cool drawing stuff.

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Ideas for Drawing

I’ll link to images of things I’ve actually drawn.  Feel free to share your own ideas for fun things to draw in the comments section if you like.  There are lots of good things to draw, you just need a nudge.  Here is some drawing inspiration for you:

  1. Nuns with nunchuks
  2. Your favorite carpentry tool being used by your favorite animal
  3. Yourself
  4. Captain America’s shield
  5. The view out of the nearest window
  6.  Your favorite food
  7. A living room lamp
  8.  Your favorite vacation spot
  9. Someone having a deep thought
  10.  A handful of pretzels
  11.  A punching bag with a face
  12.  A castle
  13.  A goldfish bowl with a Crazy Straw in it
  14.  A cooler full of ice and your favorite beverage
  15.  Something you don’t like being smashed by something
  16.  Ice sculpture of a polar bear
  17.  Your favorite hot beverage
  18.  Ask the nearest little kid what to draw
  19.  Penguin who is afraid to swim
  20.  Unicorn
  21.  The room you are sitting in right now.
  22.  Kleenex
  23.  A pile of things that you want
  24.  Bookshelf with 12 books on it (all related to something you like)
  25.  Samurai sword slicing a giant ninja celery stalk
  26.  Precariously stacked pots and pans
  27.  A guinea pig Avengers character
  28.  A control switch
  29.  Your favorite animal in different drawing styles
  30.  The treadmill from hell
  31.  Teddy bears gone bad
  32.  A crayon drawing that looks like a little kid drew it
  33.  The Brady Bunch versus the Partridge Family
  34.  12 Angry Hamsters
  35.  Apple pie ala mode
  36.  A strange creature
  37.  The ultimate drum set
  38.  Uncomfortable clothes
  39.  Mickey and Minnie Moose
  40. Bicycle built for three
  41.  Cylinders
  42. Giant bobble head dolls attacking a stadium
  43.  An old fashioned gas pump with a globe on the top
  44.  A bug zapper zapping something unusual
  45.  Draw a guy you know from school
  46.  A fighter pilot helmet with an unexpected decal
  47.  A chair you would pay $500 to own that no one else could sit in
  48.  Roads going off into the distance in a variety of perspectives
  49.  Giant lava lamp with something interesting trapped inside
  50.  Your own take on “dog grooming”
  51.  An old fashioned rotary style telephone
  52.  A rowboat
  53.  Someone doing something unusual with an accordion
  54.  Robins with a badminton birdie collection
  55.  A bunch of different textures
  56.  Ladybugs dancing
  57.  Fire breathing dragon made of ice
  58.  Sword fighting with giant pencils
  59.  A life size carousel of food items
  60.  Dogs dressed as guards outside of a castle
  61.  Butterflies with stingers and/or nasty teeth
  62.  Redneck animals of your choice
  63.  Create or recreate an ad that would have appeared in a previous decade
  64.  Babies riding on cats
  65.  Someone shooting down a drone in their back yard.  You choose the perspective.
  66.  A view through binoculars
  67.  Smurf attack
  68. A doodle
  69.  Papa Smurf hits the town
  70.   Where is your favorite children’s character now?  (Barney?)
  71.  Bowling balls made of wood
  72.  Misfit toys
  73.  Rats enjoying sunset over a dump
  74.  Goldfish with backpacks (for school)
  75.  Cat fishing (fishing for cats)
  76.  A fan with streamers blowing
  77. Yoda at the beach in a Speedo
  78.  Cows on skateboards
  79. Your favorite ice cream treat
  80.  A stack of money and gold somewhere unexpected
  81.  A crow in a leather jacket
  82.  Looking in at someone from the wing of a plane
  83.  An unusual birdbath
  84.  Remote control
  85.  A skeleton that isn’t scary
  86.  A pile of different individual shoes.  Draw one of each of the shoes you can ever remember owning.
  87.  Every cell phone you have ever owned.
  88.  The car you took your drivers test in
  89.  A hand with five thumbs
  90.  A friendly cyclops dog sitting in a restaurant
  91.  The inside of an old church
  92.  Draw something that shows each of the following without words…
  93. Respect
  94. Loyalty
  95. Love
  96.  Fear
  97.  Regret
  98.  Home
  99.  Strength
  100.  Patience
  101.  Honor
  102.  Purity
  103.  Good versus Evil
  104.  A crumpled piece of paper
  105.  Lobsters wearing pearls
  106.  A bee on a flower
  107.  A rooster
  108.  Your favorite movie scene ever
  109.  A wedding cake
  110.  a Big Mac
  111.  Bubbles for kids
  112.  A silly safety poster
  113.  A firefly glowing in a jar
  114.  A chicken wing
  115.  Flags in the wind
  116.  A ball and/or box made out of a bunch of different materials (fur, wood, metal, cotton ,etc.)
  117.  A skunk with a perfume bottle
  118.  A giant mushroom with a face
  119.  A $50 bill
  120.  The tree closest to where you are right now.
  121.  An animal with scary fangs
  122.  Three different musical instruments that usually don’t go together
  123.  A bin of used crayons
  124.  A mouth
  125.  A plate of spaghetti
  126.  A stack of books
  127.  Mosquitoes flying in formation
  128.  A laundry basket
  129.  A taco
  130.  A poker hand being held up in front of you
  131.  A bowl of fruit salad
  132.  Your own take on something from nature
  133.   Illustrate your favorite idiom (ex: barking up the wrong tree, at the drop of the hat, add insult to injury, etc.)  More here.
  134.  Your key chain or the key chains of everyone in your house
  135.  Your favorite and least favorite flower
  136.  Your favorite candy bar or snack food
  137.  A cabin in the woods
  138.  The bedroom you grew up with
  139.  A motivational poster
  140.  Insect Olympics
  141.  Where you get your mail.
  142.  Pigs hang gliding
  143.  Medicine bottles
  144.  Window blinds
  145.  A pear
  146.  Wrinkled clothing
  147.  A girl
  148.  A guy
  149.  Your five favorite things on a salad bar
  150.  A still life of things on the nearest flat surface
  151.  The ultimate hamburger
  152.  The ultimate pizza slice
  153.  Invent a new animal adapted for global warming
  154.  The next step in human evolution
  155.  Every type of cloud you can think of
  156.   All of the change you have in your pocket or purse
  157.   The view of you as you look down at yourself doing some activity (typing, shooting pool, tying your shoes, etc.)
  158.   Your favorite or least favorite food
  159.  A bird’s nest with baby birds in it
  160.  A record being played on an old turntable
  161.  Dancing mice
  162.  A pug
  163.  Fun to draw people with giant heads and tiny bodies (or the opposite)
  164.  elementary school memories (what do you think of when you hear fourth grade?)
  165.  middle school memories (what do you think of when you hear eighth grade?)
  166.  high school memories (What do you think of when you hear tenth grade?)
  167.  college memories
  168.  The most special moment in your life
  169.  The happiest moment in your life
  170.  The saddest moment in your life
  171.  How you want to be remembered
  172.  An old couple holding hands somewhere
  173.  A carnival ride
  174.  An imaginary planet
  175.  Peanut butter and jelly
  176.  A food that reminds you of being a little kid
  177.  Your favorite cookie
  178.  A waterfall
  179.  Padlocks on a chain link fence
  180.  What could be found on the workbench in your garage
  181.  Someone climbing out of a mailbox
  182.  A simple cartoon character showing every emotion you can think of
  183.  All of the clothes you have worn over the past seven days
  184.  All of the “favorites” you can think of for your significant other
  185.  If you don’t have a significant other, draw what their favorites “would” be
  186.  Animals hunting prey in an unusual way
  187.  Lots of bugs
  188.  Electric guitar
  189.  A drum set
  190.  A pumpkin
  191.  A Thanksgiving cornucopia
  192.  Things you draw with
  193.  Things that use electricity
  194.  Types of vehicles
  195.  Sounds you like (what makes them)
  196.  Sounds you don’t like (what makes them)
  197.  The best smell you know
  198.  A  chorus line of squids
  199.  All of the kitchen implements found in one drawer
  200.  Your favorite city skyline
  201.  What is in your junk drawer?
  202.  The palm of your hand
  203.  Reflection and refraction in one drawing
  204.  Stacked cans
  205.  Nail clippers
  206.  Window blinds
  207.  A fish hook
  208.  A robot
  209.  An angel fish
  210.  Popcorn
  211.  Things in your cars glove compartment
  212.  Things under the basement stairs
  213.  Things in the attic
  214.  A screwdriver
  215.  Something that could be haunted
  216.  different colored beads of glass
  217.  Spiderwebs with dew on them
  218.  Your own eye in a magnifying mirror
  219.  Your ultimate vacation getaway
  220.  Someone you miss
  221.  Animals who “think they’re people”
  222.  Your least favorite chore
  223.  Your favorite activity at home
  224.  Something you love to do
  225.  A basket full of laundry
  226.  A swimming pool reflecting sunlight
  227.  Bacon and eggs
  228.  Different types of bridges
  229.  The Google Earth view of where your house or neighborhood
  230.  Draw a map to buried treasure for a kid you know (put something there…duh)
  231.  Fill a page with body parts you have a hard time drawing
  232.  Fill a page with variations of something you really do like to draw
  233.  Draw a landscape around your home.
  234.  A dream landscape
  235.  Draw the street you live on
  236.  Draw your house
  237.  Create comic characters based on your neighbors and other people you know.
  238.  Draw what you think favorite characters from a book would look like
  239.  Draw what your or your family will look like in 10, 20, and 30 years
  240.  Draw where you will live in ten years
  241.  An unusual birdhouse
  242.  Every pet you have ever owned.
  243.  Everything you have eaten today
  244.  Make something common more interesting
  245.  Something you regret
  246.  Something you are proud of
  247.  A silly shark
  248.  Something you will accomplish this week
  249.  Your favorite animal
  250.  Design and draw a Rube Goldberg device
  251.  Draw something that shows motion
  252.  Something that shows stillness
  253.  Illustrate your favorite song title
  254.  The key to happiness
  255. fun to draw people

    Making things with tubes.


Learning to Draw

Learning to draw is my self-prescribed way of getting the use my right arm and hand back again.  After my stroke, I couldn’t sign my name, shave my face, type properly on a keyboard, or stop my right arm from wobbling all over the place when I tried to brush my teeth.  I’ve also had some issues with aphasia (the words in my head and what came out of my mouth didn’t always match up).  One of my carotid arteries was also 100% blocked (still is).

I was admitted to the hospital and submitted to the standard stroke patient tests.  I anxiously waited to hear from the neurosurgeon who had looked at my MRI.  When he walked in, he ran me through the stroke tests again without saying much.  When I asked him what I should do next, his reply was, “Go home, take a baby aspirin every morning, and pray.”  He seemed to think that was pretty amusing.  I thought he was a jerk (still do).  That doctor walked out of my hospital room and I never saw him again.  I’ve got a wife and three kids who are still in school, so I was also pretty close to panicking.  You can read more about the whole stroke episode HERE if you’re interested.  I don’t want to bore anyone with details they don’t really want to read.

I can’t even draw a straight line!

Have you ever heard someone say that they can’t even draw a straight line?  When I got home from the hospital, I really couldn’t draw a

straight line.   I only mention that to give you some indication of where I was on the “I can’t draw” scale about five months ago.  I loved to draw as a kid.  I think most young children do. When I got

to middle school though, I became friends with another student who was really good at drawing.  He used to draw comic strips during class and pretty much everyone would laugh and tell him

fun things to draw

how to draw for fun

what an amazing artist he was.  When I saw his drawings, I decided that what I was drawing wasn’t good enough to show anyone.  I decided that I didn’t really have any talent because I wasn’t as good as he was at drawing.  What can I say?  In sixth grade that made sense to me.  My drawing career was over at that point.  I had labeled myself as untalented, and that’s really all it takes to shut down your own creativity.  I got into photography for a while (pre-digital), but I was pretty much done with drawing for the next thirty-five years or so.

Learning to Draw (or Why This Site Exists)

Over the past several months, my view of life has changed.  If I can thank that rude doctor at the hospital for anything, it is for helping me to realize that each of us has the final word on what we do (or don’t do) with our lives.  He would have had me quit and go home to wait for the next stroke to finish me off.  At least that’s what it felt like to me. He told me that no one at the hospital could help me.  I had to do something for myself.  After I was sent home, I purchased a sketch pad and some pencils.  Since then, I’ve been working on getting back control of my hand and arm.  I have committed to practicing my drawing every day.  I will post what I draw here.

My hand control has improved as I’ve practiced over these past months.  My arm still keeps moving after I tell my hand to stop brushing my teeth, and I still can’t throw a baseball to my son with any accuracy, but I’m getting there a little at a time.   I hope that this site will serve as inspiration for anyone who gave up drawing way too early or who listened to other people who told them they can’t do something (drawing or something else).

Where I Started

Just as another form of reference, I drew a few basic objects back toward the beginning of this project.  A drawing book I purchased suggested doing this.  The objects to draw were a house, an airplane, and a bagel.  I think you’ll agree that my innate drawing ability is nothing really special.  Hopefully you’ll see improvement if you look around at my other posts.




what to draw when your bored

simple drawing of a house

hard things to draw

Just a simple airplane drawing.

something cool to draw

It’s a sketch of a bagel!

I think you can see that my drawing ability isn’t anything beyond what any average person would be able to do if you handed them a pencil and a piece of paper.  I’m pretty committed to getting better at this though, so I practice a fair amount.  If I’m sitting in front of the television, I generally have a sketchpad with me.  I’ve practiced drawing a LOT of straight lines this year.  As you look at the list below, you might want to start with the easy drawing ideas just to avoid frustration, but even the hard things to draw shouldn’t upset you.  Just do your best to start.

cute drawing ideas

sketch of a screw for beginners

There are a lot of great resources available for people who like to draw.  Here are a few places to get you started if you would like to develop or improve your drawing and sketching skills!

Gallery Collection Post 7

drawing dogs for practice

This gallery contains 12 photos.

It’s time for another gallery post collection.  This is gallery collection post 7.  I keep drawing on a daily basis, but getting things posted in a timely manner continues to be a challenge for me.  I guess the drawing practice is the most important thing though. Check out more fun … Continue reading

Gallery Collection Post 6

This gallery contains 16 photos.

I decided to make another small gallery post of various things I’ve drawn for practice or as I followed along with one of my favorite books about drawing.  This one has 16 images.  These didn’t get their own posts or anything.  I’m just adding them in a gallery to make … Continue reading

Gallery Collection Post 4

drawing practice

This gallery contains 9 photos.

This is the fourth gallery collection that I’m posting.  It includes the sketches I’ve posted since the third gallery collection.  I’m still keeping up with doing at least one drawing per day.  Even as I start to focus on drawing things that take more than one day to complete, I … Continue reading